Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where was I?

I was sound asleep in my warm comfortable bed in north Texas. Coming out of the fog the radio was on and I heard "a plane has hit the second World Trade Center tower". I thought it was a review of a bad movie or a tasteless joke made by the typical morning AM yuk monkey.

My wife on the other hand was in Georgetown and heard the crash and felt the ground shake. I still feel fortunate that I got through to her on the first call as she daily took the blue line metro from King Street to GWU. For those not familiar with the DC metro system, the blue line stops under the Pentagon. Having a rudimentary understanding of probability I was not all that concerned, still it was very nice to hear her voice. We realized the phone system was overworked, counted our blessing and quickly ended the call.

Thanks Mike for opening the subject

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