Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Part E

Why do well feel the need for government intervention? Is the assumption that there is not enough capital in the private sector to handle the load? I understand that Warren Buffet is simultaneously calling for government intervention while buying up stocks for pennies on the dollar. This is great deal for Berkshire-Hathaway, namely have the government ensure that the stock purchased for pennies not only will grow in value, but guarantee the companies will not go bankrupt. Sweet.

The beauty of the free market is it will always find the best, lowest cost, fastest solution. I know Congress has tried to solve numerous ‘problems’, but have they accomplished any? The last problem that Congress successfully solved that I can think of was WWII. I agree with the Scrub that the Feds caused this mess, but remember, the Feds caused this mess while trying to solve a different ‘problem’, namely home ownership for low income earners. Following the law of unintended consequences; what other ‘problems’ are Congress going to create while solving this one?

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