Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hypocritical

It appears there is something about outspoken conservative women that drive the liberals to hypocrisy.

Why are these liberals who complain endlessly about the glass ceiling and constantly chant that conservatives “want women barefoot and pregnant,” now suddenly concerned about Sarah Palin’s capability to be a good mother?

These are the same liberals for whom abortion on demand is the single most important issue, are now concerned with Palin’s family values?

The same liberals who demand equal rights for women in a “man's world”, and have been stating that women “can have it all,” are suddenly now concerned with Palin’s parenting skills and are shocked above all that she has five children . . . . 5 children!

Why is it acceptable for a man to have five children and not be questioned about juggling a career and family. Yet, a strong, outspoken woman is now being accused of crimes paramount to child abuse by putting her own ideals in the forefront.

On a related topic these liberals somehow have managed to overlook for five years the fact that Nancy Pelosi has five children; yet, there is not a peep from the liberals on her capabilities to run Congress and manage a home.

According to the left, its time for Sarah Palin to get back into the minivan and the kitchen.

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