Monday, December 22, 2008

And now the fun starts.

Please, remember it NSADP, not the 4 letter N word. Slows down the ones that don't know history. Which is a good chunk of the left.

While still think the nation will survive the next [4|8] years, being rabid to the left, like they were to the right from [1994|2000] to [2006|2008] is going to be one of my hobbies.

Every one needs a hobby.

Playing wack-a-mole with culturally elitist, of either side, is going to be one as well. You have been warned.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illinois Politics

I am sure everyone is aware that Rod R. Blagojevich, soon-to-be-ex-Governor of Illinois was arrested on federal corruption charges today. It seems, that among other things, he was caught trying to auction of Obama's Senate seat, threatening the Tribune Company's sale of Wrigley Field until they fired the Chicago Tribune editorial staff critical of him, and threatening to withhold state approval of children's hospital unless contributions were made to his campaign.

I find this refreshing, because this is a political scandal that I was able to explain to my 11 year old daughter. I hide to fill in a few background facts, like a Governor's power to fill a vacant Senate seat. Otherwise this is a quite simple scandal to explain, even an 11 year old can understand straightforward bribery. This scandal, so far, is also free from involvement with the human reproductive system, something new in political scandals.