Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Olympic Rant

While I recognize this is a political BLOG and much is happening this election year, I still feel the need to rant as I watch the Olympics.

Kobe Bryant – Don’t we see and hear enough of the LA Lakers Superstar during the basketball season? Do we have to endure seemingly endless (so far I have seen three) interviews during the International Games? Don’t get me wrong, Bryant is a GREAT player, but come on. There have to be some other interesting people NBC can talk to rather than a man who get constant exposure during the winter and early spring.

Then again, do we really want to hear from these less well-known athletes? I’m referencing Dara Torres, the 41-year old California swimmer. As a weekend (athletic) warrior in my mid- 40s, I am in total awe of Ms. Torres. Her ability to continue to compete at such a high level is beyond my comprehension. She has earned every accolade and is deserving of any and all praise. But personally if I have to hear about how “awesome” her two-year-old is one more time I may lose it. I recognize how children raise the difficulty level of life in general and how, for an Olympic class athlete already strained, it can be overwhelming. But does every snippet of her have to include the “awesome” daughter quote? I will personally state, unequivocally, that all mothers of a two-year-olds think their children are “awesome”.

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