Saturday, November 5, 2011

C to Shining C

I find it interesting that the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain occurred during that brief window of history between the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and Bill Clinton's la-affair Lewinsky. A time where noticing a woman’s new hair cut or commenting on her new purse could get a man fired and a company embroiled in a lawsuit. That brief moment in history when women were allowed to retreat behind the powder puff with a case of the vapors when a subject appeared that offended their delicate sensibilities. I won’t mention this time also coincided with women demanding equal acceptance in the work place, some oxymoron’s are just too difficult to comprehend without listing to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” for 24 straight hours while drinking tequila. I am just glad that famous liberal David Letterman didn’t fire a producer and give her job to a woman willing to have sex with him in this time frame; had that occurred we would have been denied all his “wonderful” attack humor on Sarah Palin.

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Mike Looney said...

For a minute I thought this was going to be a memorial to Dennis Ritchie, which would have been odd, give who the other posters are here and what they know of geek heros