Saturday, June 5, 2010

Changed the layout.

I really hate layouts that have a fixed width of the content. Particularly ones that are too damn small. This one works at 1024x768, it has issues at 800x600, in that some YouTube video's are just a hair too wide. Oh freaking well.

Here begins a rant: We (blogger (and web designers in general)) really shouldn't have to worry about 800x600 pixel "Super" VGA cards/monitors in 2010. If you're still using a card/monitor that limits you to 800x600 resolution use the horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of your browser and/or watch the videos on YouTube. Then get a new video card and/or monitor. Say one made this century. And while I'm at it, I really don't care if my web pages display right in Internet Explorer version 5. I'm not too worried about them displaying right in IE 6, when it gets right down to it. At work, where I do web design for a living, I have an excuse, we are a Mac shop selling to Mac people in the main. If it display right in Internet Safari or Firefox, we are good to go. Among other things the boss is never going to see it in anything but those. I do check it against all the OS X browsers once a month or so, and my minion checks it against IE 7 so if it looks good with those, that's all we care about.

Just in case any one noticed an increase in posting here, my primary blog "Why My Life Sucks" is currently off the air due to me letting my domain name expire, due to a lack of funds over the last couple of months, so I am using this one for a while.

More to come, to include more rants and raves.

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