Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Although I despise the fact some less-then-esteemed members of the fourth estate violated the conditions of "off-the-record", I have to admit I enjoyed the Presidents off the cuff remark about Kanye West. Calling Mr. West a "Jackass" is both accurate and appropriate.

As for Mr. West, his force field (to protect from criticism) defense of "I'm upset at my mothers death" given new meaning to the term lame-excuse.

As a populace we have spent so much time being politically correct, we have forgotten how to criticize and condemn. As a society we are needy of being non-judgemental and being quick to forgive. We are petrified that our condemnation will offend.

So, lets get the party started: Kanye West is a jackass! (Oh how offensive)!. I"m sorry (apology), but my Grandmother's husband is very sick and not expected to make it. (Force field).

To paraphrase the First Lady: For the first time I'm proud of President Obama.

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