Monday, May 25, 2009

Stupid now and then

Stupid now and then, 2nd in a series of rants

Consider this person: Graduate of Oxford, quotes classics in day to day conversations, has an extensive written and spoken vocabulary, speaks 2 languages, seeks and takes the advise of experts on subjects that he is lacking in. Can do complex probability calculations in his head.

Sounds like a pretty bright guy right?

I, of course mean Bertie Wooster, the touchstone of "stupid" of a bygone era. Yes, lacking in common sense and needs that first cup of tea in the morning, but all in all, a bright fellow, by modern standards.

When I had my moment of clarity it also came to me that Bertie, despite what Jeeves and his Aunts say, isn't dumb, he's just not devious and, to be truthful, missing a bit of common sense.


The Scrub said...

It's been a long slide downhill. Thirty years ago Abba was able to assume the people knew about Waterloo. Wouldn't happen today.

Mike Looney said...

It's not "just" Abba, so to speak. Listen to "old" metal, never mind "thinking mans" bands like Kansas or Blue Oyster Cult. When Ozzy Osborn is thought of as a deep thinker, we have a problem.

It's all June Cleaver's fault.