Monday, November 3, 2008


I will always find it ironic that the first time I watched Billy Wilder’s “Ace In the Hole” was the day before the Presidential election involving Barak Obama.


Mike Looney said...

You're going to make me go look this up on IMDB aren't you?

Mike Looney said...

Oh. A movie based about Floyd Collins

There will always be the caves beyond.

Dale said...

SPOILERS - The movie was about the dishonest and self serving nature of the press and politicians. To sum up, a newpaper reporter, once bigtime now relegated to a small New Mexico paper leaves a man to die so he can extend the story to leverage his byline.

Mike Looney said...

Like I said, a story based on Floyd Collins.

Coming from a journalist/caver family, Floyd Collins was something that I grew up knowing about. Not common knowledge nowadays, I suspect.